Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag (a.k.a. CTF) is just one of the games we play in Dungeon Party.

The second most important object of the game is to invade the opponent's fort, grab their flag, and capture it by bringing it back to your base without being stopped.

The first most important object of the game is to prevent your opponents from capturing your flag. Them are the rules.

  • Protect your precious.
  • Capture the opponent's flag.

The game is most typically played with two teams. The composition of the teams change from game to game. Those who may have been your arch-enemies one game become your bosom comrades the next.

To play the game will require you download and install the appropriate gaming files.

You can Click Here to Download the necessary files.

If you have questions or care to discuss some aspect of the game(s) Click Here to Visit the CTF Forum.

The standard International Dungeon Party gaming times are 5-7pm (Pacific Time) Monday thru Friday.

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