Elmo is a warrior. He is also a dwarf.

Here is what traditionally is said of warriors:
They are both good primary combatants as well as heavy scouts, owing to their great speed, strength and survival skills. Their ability to absorb damage and shrug it off lightly makes them great tanks. In addition, the barbarian has some basic wilderness skills such as listen, that help keep him aware of his surroundings and enable him to survive in a wilderness environment for long periods without supplies. While the character has the traditional skills of the warrior, he is also a dwarf. This can be an advantage or disadvantage in direct combat fighting. In addition however, he has access to skills of his race which are inaccessible to humans. Dwarfs usually have magical talents, often involving metallurgy. He should prove to be very useful in a dungeon.
As the game goes on, we will find out more about Elmo and his skills.

Dwayness, Elmo, Nea, Lowne, Jett, Bob Celtor, Pepe the Green,

Elmo showed some character on day 1 I thought...kinda like a somewhat brutish barbarian, wanting to kick the rat sitting on the thief's foot. He's all action...but it seemed appropriate for the character he is - well done.