Jett is a magic user. She is part human and part dark elf.

This can prove to be a very interesting character. It is not clear how much of a sorceress quality she has. I don't see any spell book. Magic users often use spells by using their acquired magical knowledge, intelligence and experience. In particular, they learn most new spells by seeking out magical writings and copying them into their spellbooks, a method that allows them (unlike sorcerers) to master any number of permissible spells once they find them, assembling a broad and versatile arsenal of power. How the leaning towards evil of the dark elf will express in her we do not yet know.
As the game goes on, we will find out more about Bob and his skills.

Dwayness, Elmo, Nea, Lowne, Jett, Bob Celtor, Pepe the Green,