At the end of set-up day:

We have the following Dungeon Party and PoG subgroups:

Dwayness: cleric/human 4 players, Elmo: warrior/dwarf 1 player, Nea: female warrior/human 4 players, Lowne: ranger/human 2 players, Jett: female magic user/human-darkelf 1-8 players (riverside group, Bob: hobbit 1 player, Celtor: druid/human 4 players, Pepe the Green: thief/human-elf 5 players

This composition will change a bit from day to day as more folks will join and not everyone will be able to attend every single day. Some folks seem to think there is some sort of team against team going on, or something like: the dungen masters should treat all teams equally: In case you did not get it yet, there is only 1 (one) team, even as you may get identified with "YOUR" character. It's a borrowed character to start with and if needed, you ought to be able to switch from one to the other.

Here they are:

So far it was fun!!!

We were hoping to at least get through the dungeon door, but time was really really up.
To be continued, and . . .you can join here for the Dungeon Party ICW. Now would be a good time, as you have only missed the very beginning and nothing of the quest.

Here more on the characters

As long as internet holds and barring any other great cosmic interventions, we'll continue this next week.

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