First day of Dungeon Party the story

I could hardly believe E.J. Gold was going ahead with this Dungeon Party game online for the Inner Circle Workshop (ICW), but here we were.
A bunch of folks online, then E.J. and Claude as guides and dungeon masters (DMs). Me -- I am just helping out, observing and reporting. As this is coming to me, I get the feeling I will be reporting without trying to make it look pretty or using excuses, just reporting what I saw happening...with an occasional expression of something like: "wow, oh boy, can't believe it!"... and other such emotional outbursts.

Little 30 year old D&D figurines and 3d landscape boards were brought out and showed around. It became clear that this ICW was going to start a live online D&D game. Here the I remember it:

"You are finding yourself with a map in your hand in front of a tower or gate, some old structure made of stones. There are some trees about. You vaguely remember . . . the night before in the town's tavern someone had given you a map and there was a mission you accepted to do. Unfortunately you were to drunk to remember the mission; you just know there was one and you have this map and you are here."

At this point it became clear that it was not just 1 person...there were going to be several people in the Dungeon Party. Of the online viewers, we figured about 24 were actively going to play. Now, sneaking by anywhere undetected with 24 people is next to impossible, and the number of characters would have to be reduced to some more believable dungeon party.

A seemingly rather long period of looking at figurines ...

... and talking about various characters and races that might be good, or not, to have in a party, and pointing out some of their qualities, ensued. Looking at the number of people involved online, they decided that there would be 8 characters in this dungeon party. The task of the group was to divide themselves up into 8 subgroups, one group for each of the characters. After some back and forth, the final choice of characters offered by the dungeon masters was:

female warrior/human,
female magic user/human-dark elf,

Looks a little heavy on the humans if you ask me, but not bad. The choice of character made made in part to give the players a chance to actually make it. Anyway, those were the choices given by the DMs and the online folks had to divide up into 8 teams...and then each group was to come up with a name for their character.

At this point the chat was quite say the least.

Here's the party and some stuff about the process of sub-group building.