Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did Dungeon Party come from?

Back in 1974 my friends Gary Gygax and Dave Arnesson got me involved in the game which they had developed at school -- they were bored and passed graph paper back and forth during classes. Claude and I have done duty as DMs...Dungeon Masters...for decades and have written literally thousands of maps for it along with monster tables, weapon tables, treasure tables and more. Recently, D&D evolved for us into the game we're introducing as Dungeon Party.

2. Where did the name Dungeon Party come from?

Hehe, I was online and decided to look it up. To my total surprise, nobody had bought the website, so I sprang for 10 bucks and bought it, then brainstormed with Claude on how to use it. Dungeon Party as a tabletop was the result of the brainstorming session.

3. Why should I want to play Dungeon Party?

You shouldn't, unless you want practice running your Parallel World Personas. That's what DP is all about -- learning how to run a character in another universe from the viewpoint of your Home Universe.

4. How is it played?

It's very easy to play Dungeon Party, much easier than Dungeons & Dragons, which requires many very intricate dice rolls and such. You'll only be using the 4-sided, 6-sided and 20-sided dice rather than a whole set of percentage rolling dice. You elect a Dungeon Master (DM) who runs the map and does the counter-rolls of dice. The DM tells the party what happened as a result, keeps track of the party and monsters and treasures and weapons and such, and basically works as a moderator for the game.

5. How many can play?

As few as 2 players and as many as 20 can play Dungeon Party

6. How can I get started?

Send for the DP kit which can be ordered right here on this site. It comes complete with maps, a dice kit and everything you need to get going.

7. What if I don't understand how to play it or how to be a DM?

We have trainings for DMs at our Neal Street Center in Grass Valley and we'll be doing online training on Saturdays and Sundays at the ICW. If you haven't joined the ICW Club yet, you can do that by clicking here.