howitisplayed Dungeon Party How it is Played

In Dungeon Party you'll notice that the maps are rather empty. Ordinarily you'd make your own maps. We figure that most folks today are highly unskilled at map-making and schools definitely no longer teach the art, so we made generic maps of rooms, chambers, halls, corridors and such, but the details are intentionally missing.

The DUNGEON MASTER will fill these in as the Dungeon Party progresses through the level, as determined by the throw of a set of dice which includes a 4 sided die, 6 sided die, 8 sided die, 10 sided die, 12 sided die and a 20 sided die. The only type of dice you'd be familiar with would be the 6 sided variety, used commonly in tabletop games such as Monopoly and Craps.

Using these dice to determine variables and probabilities, the Dungeon Master will consult a variety of Monster Tables, Weapon Tables, Combat Tables, Magic Tables, Event Tables and Treasure Tables, and using those tables as source, will then inform the Dungeon Party of what has transpired or what situation they are currently in at the moment.

In this way, the same basic maps can be used for many different games. You can download them from our maps pages. They include underground and overland areas. You will note that they are scaled in such a way as to allow you to place D&D scale pewter figurines on them to help you visualize the action.

The storyline itself evolves during gameplay. Our Dungeon Masters are very skilled at DMing and don't need to write out the story ahead of time. The action and events unfold as the game progresses, and the DM will adjust the reality as the situation demands, on a Real-Time basis.

Some of our Dungeon Party Adventures and Missions have gone on literally for years. One such Adventure, "Sarmoung Monastery", has been active since 1978 and players continue to pursue the adventure into the 21st century!!!

You will join an Adventure in your Dungeon Party. As you are advanced through the ranks, you will be allowed to join more and more developed Adventures, depending upon your skill both as a character and as a player.

Those players with the greatest skill at leadership will be promoted through the ranks. All new players whether they have played previous types of tabletop games or not must start as new members at the lowest rank. If you have D&D skills, this will be recognized in rapid promotions, depending upon your degree of maturity and sense of fair play.

DMs are required to demonstrate skills at Unfoldment, Event Response and Table Transfers before being given responsibility for an Adventure hosted on All games are LIVE on our broadcast channel at GorebaggTV. You can join our DP Gamer Roster by clicking here. A DP recruiter will review your application and sponsor your app at our next meeting, which are held every Saturday and Sunday.

Good luck to you, and Merry Meet!!!