Want to Know What All Those Symbols Mean???

Merely match the symbol graphics on the left with the descriptions on the right. They tell you what each item is good for!!!

ABD (American Book of the Dead) -- Use to get out of Rebirth.
Apple -- Good for bribing Guards & for Eating (Restore Life +100).
Apple core -- Use as weapon against certain Monsters.
Apple eaten -- Still edible! (Restore Life +50)
Magic Shopping Bag -- Holds up to 100 Items without extra size or weight.
Magic Basketball -- Has "Slam-Dunk Spin Control" -- use to hit unreachable switches & Monsters.
Beanie of Power -- Use to gain Knowledge, to protect against Undead, Zombies, Ghouls, Vampires, etc.
Bomb -- Use this to open tunnels, doors, blow holes in walls, kill enemies -- and yourself, if you are not careful with these!
Bone Wand -- Use this Necromancer's Blasting Rod to rid yourself of Unwanted Facial Hair, enemies and to blast through walls of (Resist +40) or lower.
THE NECRONOMICON -- The Grand Prize Itself, this gives total dominion over the Earth and Afterlife.
Book of Nunan -- The book of Ultimate Secrets, the Eye of Nunan Never Sleeps! It blinks from time to time, which you'll see, if you watch it closely for a while.
Elixir of Truth -- Use this to find out the truth from Monsters or Enemies.
Bouquet of Death -- Use as weapon against all Enemies.
Box of Voidness -- Can hold up to 60 Items without extra weight or size.
Bread -- Eat to Restore Life +100.
Butterfly -- Use as protection against Fireballs, Lightning Rays, Stone Curse, Mummy's Touch & Evil Eye Curse.
Cake -- Restore Life +100 or use to bribe Guards, confuse or distract Enemies, etc.
Candle -- Use to light passages and dark places, but can also be used as weapon, to blow up bushes and burn them, etc.
Carrot -- Use as food or bribe a Guard -- Most Guards are not too interested in carrots; they'd rather have sweets, so let them eat cake!
Sanity Certificate -- Equivalent to "Get out of Jail Free", this can be used to escape certain death, rebirth or wipeout, depending on which game you're playing.
Champagne -- A brilliant and unassuming Chateau Rothschild Cabernet Sauvignon '37 from the North Vineyard. Use to Restore Life +100 or as bribe or weapon (Damage +100 but you lose the bottle).
Pet Chicken -- Eat it, use it as a bribe or blow it up to create a diversion, your Pet Chicken will always come back to you -- like a shmoo, it doesn't think of it as abuse, but service.
Clorox -- Use it to cleanse a space, destroy an Enemy or get the dungeon-rot off your clothes every few days or nights -- you can't tell what time it is in there, but you can always tell whether your clothing needs bleach.
Coffee -- Use it as food (Restore Life +100) or as a bribe for Guards or just to take one of those refreshing cyber-breaks we all need now and then...
Crate -- Can be used to store things in -- Up to 10 Inventory Items can be left there without fear of theft from Dungeon Monsters. Can also be used as weapon if your character is Strength +80 or more.
Deadrat -- Can be used to distract Enemies or in a pinch as food or bait for fresher food. Yuccchhhh!
Device -- Can be used to turn things on and off, change Items and to confuse and/or distract Enemies.
Diamond -- Can be used as Universal Teleport or Spellcaster without (MAGIC) recharge.
Disk -- This functions very much like a boomerang, but can also be used for communication and/or teleport.
Lucky Ducky -- Can be used as distraction, bribe, weapon or bathtub toy.
Emerald is worth 10 Rubies.
Snuffer -- Can be used to snuff fires, Enemies, or to cover movement or activity from observers.
Eyechart -- Rune of Seeing confers +200 Vision on any player regardless of Character Type or Magic Rating.
Fan -- Can be used to cool an area or to dispel fumes such as sulphur, storax, etc.
Fartspray -- Can of Fart Spray is your most deadly weapon, it delivers QUAD DAMAGE! Never lose it once you win it! One single spritz of Fart Spray is worth 1,000 wooden sword hits!
Fish -- Can be eaten (Life +100) or used as bait, bribe or diversion. Is also useful as language translator when stuffed in the right ear headfirst while still alive.
Flowers -- Use as weapon, bribe, to congratulate Monsters, etc.
Foodbasket -- Use as food (Restore Life +100) or as bribe for Guards. Basket automatically DROPS when food is gone.
Football -- Use as weapon against all Dungeon Monsters.
Glasses of Wisdom or Folly -- Use as disguise to get past Guards. With this on, you look like anyone you want to be!
Hamburger -- Use as helper, food or throw it as a diversion, offer it with special sauce and fries to bribe Guards, etc.
Hand -- Sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, the Hand can retrieve objects for you, open doors, etc.
Hat of Invisibility -- Use this to get past watchful Guardians, into crowded areas without being seen, although you can still be detected by other means, such as smell, etc.
Hotdog with Double Sauerkraut & Hot Mustard -- Eat this for instant energy, to produce gas for escapes, bribe guards, soft blackboard pointer, many other uses.
Hydrant -- You never know when your dog will need to take a pee.
Bronze Key -- Use this whenever a Bronze Key is called for in the Dungeon.
Emerald Key of Hermes -- Use this on anything Hermetic, or wherever the Emerald Key is called for by the Dungeon Master. Does not need regeneration or magic beyond the basic +10.
Master key -- Needs no regeneration, this key works on any lock anywhere in the Dungeon, and can be used by any character except one with Dexterity less than 0.
Ruby Key -- Use this whenever the Ruby Key is called for in the Dungeon.
Sapphire Key -- Use this whenever a Sapphire Key is called for in the Dungeon.
Silver Key -- Use this whenever the Silver Key is called for in the Dungeon.
Lantern (not lit) -- The Lantern must be lit in order to work, but it can run out of fuel, and this is what it looks like when it does.
Lantern (lit) -- This is what the Lantern looks like when it is full of fuel and is lit. If your Lantern does not look like this when you carry it, it is not doing anything except taking up space and adding weight to your baggage.
Laptop Computer -- Can be used to alter events in the Dungeon, and to contact the Dungeon Master and programmers from within the game, if necessary.
Laser Rifle -- Equivalent to the trusty ever-popular Rocket-Launcher, the Laser Rifle delivers a hard and accurate punch at a distance.
Mad Comic -- Use this whenever a Mad Comic is called for in the Dungeon, or when you need a laugh break.
Unknown Fantasy Magazine -- the November 1939 "Sons of the Bear God" issue; can be used to bribe guards, distract, etc.
Magic Uzat Eye of Horus Amulet -- Resist Damage +100, Armor +100.
Magic Hat -- Technically a RUNE, this is QUAD MAGIC.
Mailbox -- This can be used to store messages, pass messages and storing objects. Subject to Thieves' pilfering, this is not the best method, but works in a pinch.
Mask of Gorgon -- POWER RUNE, confers magic +100, Resist Magic +100, Invisibility +40, Spells +65.
Microscope -- RUNE confers the ability to make oneself smaller and larger at will. Works on only ONE CHARACTER AT A TIME, the bearer.
Money sack -- PRIZE, this is a sack of $20 St. Gaudens gold coins, all MS-65+ in wrappers.
Mr. Natural Comix -- Like your Zap Comix, this can be used in a variety of interesting ways, many of which will occur to you as you carry it around in the Dungeons.
Mummy's Head -- Allows the wearer to pass among the undead such as ghouls, vampires, ghosts, zombies and the like. Percentage of Probability that it can be removed is 15%, so use it only when you have to, or walk around as the undead for the remainder of the game...
Newspaper -- Use this to gather data, get information, place want ads or use it as tinder, wrap things in it, etc.
Orange -- Valencia Orange. Use this as food, bribe, gift or use the peels as weapons, throw at small creatures, etc.
Can of blue paint -- Can be used to change the alignment of a character, or to disguise or camouflage anything not blue.
Can of red paint -- Use this on anything blue to make it red.
Pet Fly -- You can keep your pet fly only so long as you feed it and take care of it. Taking care of it entails finding four people a day for it to devour, but it can get you through a lot of conflict.
Pet Dead Rat -- "What good is a Dead Rat," you ask? You might as well ask, "What good is a Dead Parrot???"... If you get to the point where you end up with one of these things, you'll have enough Experience Points to figure out what they're good for.
Red Death Spider -- Can be a RUNE, this is also an enemy, so be careful when carrying the RED DEATH SPIDER RUNE, that it doesn't backfire on you.
Pie (Coconut Cream) -- Everyone knows what a Coconut Cream Pie is good for besides eating.
Poop -- Use this as a floor slide, Monster Trap or as bait to attract some of the more scatalogical Dungeon Monsters.
Poster -- Your "Gaming With Gorebag" Poster can be used as weapon, bribe or fearmonger. Don't forget that with Magic +75 or more, you can turn it into a Cloud of Unknowing spell.
Clock Radio -- Can be set to go off as diversion, or use as timer for explosives, or to get yourself up at a specific time.
Ourobouros Charm -- Confers immortality for five turns or death for 1 turn.
Box of Ritz crackers -- Use as food, bribe guards or bring out of pack whenever you find some edible dip in the chamber, if ever.
Emergency Flasher -- Can sometimes stop relentless "Terminator Bots" that keep coming and coming and coming after you...no matter what you do to them, even down to body parts such as crawling hands or dancing feet...
Ruby -- This spinning gemstone is worth 10 gold pieces.
Sack of Endlessness -- Can be filled with up to 100 inventory items without overflowing.
Saphire -- A Sapphire is worth 10 Emeralds.
Shopping Bag of Voidness -- Anything put into this bag goes directly into the Dev-Null of the Void and never comes back. Good for disposing of bombs, enemies, etc.
Sigil of Simon -- Allows free passage into areas once forbidden or inaccessible. Universal Key.
Skull of Sorcery -- Confers Magic +80 on user even if not ordinarily a Magic-User Character.
Soccer Ball -- Used to smash enemies, open distant or inaccessible doors, hit buttons or switches not accessible by any other means; can also be used to actually play soccer with teamscore and individual stats, in MatchGame Levels.
SpaceWalker -- Can be used as a Rune to confer antigravity and/or breathing in space or underwater, in acid, etc.
Switch -- Used to turn things on and off, open doors, panels, etc.
Emerald Sword of Hermes -- Ten Times the Strength & Dexterity of the Ruby Sword.
Ruby Sword of Rubilar-- Ten Times the Strength & Dexterity of the Silver Sword.
Saphire Sword of Orn -- Ten Times the Strength & Dexterity of the Emerald Sword.
Silver sword -- Basic Sword; Strenth +10 Dexterity +10, slightly more useful than a mailed fist.
Tablelamp (off) -- When this is off, the chamber is dark.
Tablelampon (on) -- Use a switch to turn the light on so what's in the chamber can be seen, if you don't have a torch or flashlight with you.
Tarot Cards -- Can be used to determine the outcome (percentage of probability) of any given action.
Teddybear -- The Teddybear Rune is one of the most Powerful of Protection Runes; Teddy = +100 Protection with +100 Regeneration.
Trashcan -- Can be used for trash, anything in inventory you want to throw away, to reduce load, and increase speed, reduce need for frequent food & water, etc. Please don't litter; it's your Level, too!
Treasure Chest -- Unimaginable Wealth, equal to 10 Treasure Pots of Gold.
Treasure Pot of Gold -- Equal to 100 pieces of gold.
Tri-Power -- Rune of Power confers + 100 Strength.
Tucan of Tuscany -- Tells All; merely ask a yes or no question about the Level, and you get an instant answer!
Turkey of Thanksgiving -- Food is always welcome in the Dungeons; however, with turkey, it's always tricky, unless it's been cooked and stored properly... Use your DeadRat to "Detect Poison" before eating this!
Ur Earring -- Merely insert this "Tower of Babel" Earring into your left earlobe and you will be able to understand any language.
Ushabti -- This "Slave Rune", named "Daniel", allows you to create characters, runes and objects in the dungeon, and to place them wherever you want to. Merely tell Daniel what you want, where you want it, and what you want it to do, with the pulldown menu in game mode.
Vegetable Platter -- Undoubtedly one of the safer (there is no "safe") edibles in the dungeons.
Victrola -- Enables you to record a demo in the game and to play it back for yourself or friends or to include it in your game pak when you release your own game!
Voodoo Doll -- Can be used to destroy enemies from a distance, or to cure self of wounds, as communication device, etc. See the .TXT files that come with the 3D game for more details.
Wastebasket of High School -- Useful for anything you never want to see again.
Wig of Drag -- Useful for disguise to get past guards who might be looking for someone who looks like YOU.
Wood Crate of Emptiness -- Used to produce anything, such as guards, food, weapons, ammo or use as Personal Transporter.