Dungeon Party online browser game Dungeon Party
Story Line

The Time is Now...you find yourself in a Parallel Universe. The only thing different about this Parallel World is...everything in it, including YOU.

You might be thinking of yourself as a human of Planet Earth, going about your business as usual...but you are no longer that.

Even if you are a human, humans are not the same here as they were in your HomeWorld Universe just a few minutes ago...

You might discover that you are a dwarf, or an elf or an orc...you could be any race, any class of character...anything could have happened, because the divergence of worlds can create the most amazing changes in YOU.

Each and every time you reached a crossroad in life, a new path opened. On each of these paths, many more paths have opened, at each new choice-point or crossroad, branching further and further away from the Trunk Line of your personal history.

In short, you won't necessarily know who or what you are until you actually arrive here in this Alternate World.

In order to find out more about your Parallel Universe Persona, log onto the gaming world of Dungeon Party with us!

Journey through a billion maybe worlds on a billion maybe planets as we voyage across dimensional membranes!

To join us on our multi-universe adventures, simply click here.